Blood platelets and alpha granules exocytosis


notes on platelet alpha granules exocytosis

platelet alpha granule exocytosis and vesiculation                                                                               

arrested exocytosis of a disintegrating, vesiculating alpha granule in an activated platelet.



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has unique properties: it is firmly bound to its phospholipoprotein carrier, from which it cannot be solubilized even with Triton X-100. This phospholipoprotein labeled by acid phosphatase appears to have procoagulant properties, so called PF3.

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PF3 and acid phosphatase correlations in platelets

Acid phosphatase  and PF3 activities show direct correlation and the same individual variations in response to activation  as demonstrated in this graph.  For PF3 Russell's viper venom method was used. 

platelet count and acid phosphatase activity correlations

On the other hand total amount of detectable platelet lysosomal activity in the presence of Triton X-100 appears fairly constant between individuals as demonstrated in this graph.